Our GTC shall apply unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Liability Conditions
In principle, and pursuant to the applicable legal provisions, Taxi St Anton shall only be liable for damages incurred in direct connection with the Company.

Taxi St Anton shall assume no liability for missed departures. The Company categorically disclaims any thus arising follow-up and additional costs. In the event of missed departure, the full fare shall be charged without refund. Moreover, no liability shall be assumed for weather-caused delays, traffic jams, roadworks, road closures, or for incidents caused by third parties with no fault by Taxi St Anton.

To get from St Anton am Arlberg at the airports: Innsbruck, Zuerich, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Salzburg, we need a few hours depending on the distance traveled to the airport. The ski resorts are located at high altitude, St. Christopf 1800 m, Zuers, Oberlech 1700 m, Lech, Stuben and St Anton 1400 m, Kloesterle 1000 m, Langen 1200 m. In winter, the roads through the mountains can be: wet, covered by snow, slippery. It may happen that one or more cars are not equipped with winter tires or do not have snow chains. Or maybe they have snow chains but they don’t know how to put them. It is enough that one of the cars can no longer move and then a column of cars is formed. Some cars slide down, other cars are placed on the road on the diagonal and thus a congestion is formed.

On the highway, when it snows, the snow plows come into action. If you have two or three snow plows in front of you, you will have to drive behind them at the same speed as them. You will realize that we cannot influence these situations in any way, so we do not accept any responsibility in case we are late, due to traffic conditions or if the car has a malfunction.

In the nearby villages: Pettneu, Schnann, Flirsch, Strengen, Landeck, Imst, traffic is better. The roads are not steep and you can move faster.

The Company shall not assume liability for luggage items, the contents thereof, animals/pets, items of any kind, electronic devices or any commodities and goods.

Booking/Reservation Conditions
Transfers may be booked online on the Internet or by telephone . Reservations which do not apply to the surrounding region (St Anton am Arlberg, Lech and surrounding area up to 20km) shall only be deemed confirmed reservation after receipt of written confirmation from Taxi St Anton. Should unforeseen events such as traffic jams, weather-caused delays or accidents etc. occur, then the respective taxi ride may have to be discontinued or cancelled. In such events Taxi St Anton shall endeavour to provide a replacement vehicle. Waiting times will have to be accepted in such a case. The fare shall remain the agreed amount.

Offers, Online Quote Requests
Our offers are subject to change without notice. Solely our written confirmation shall be authoritative with respect to acceptance of contract and scope of services. Additional verbal agreements and sub-agreements made by telephone shall only be effective upon written confirmation by Taxi St Anton. All stated prices are in euros and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, include the statutory VAT. No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the price lists. No liability shall be assumed for printing errors.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the fee for the provided service shall be paid to the driver immediately after service provision. Discounts or other deductions shall only be accepted on the basis of and in combination with written agreements. In the event of default of payment by the Orderer/Purchaser, Taxi St Anton Lech shall be entitled to charge default interest at 9% p.a. Claims for higher interest are not affected by this clause.

Place of Execution, Place of Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
Place of Execution: A-6500 Landeck
Place of Jurisdiction: The Court responsible for the district comprising the Company`s registered office shall be responsible for the settlement of any disputes arising from this Agreement.
Applicable Law: Austrian law shall apply. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall be excluded. The contract language is German.
Legal Validity: Should individual Conditions within this GTC be invalid, then this shall have no effect on the legal validity of the other Conditions therein as well as the Conditions governing the entire legal transaction. An invalid Condition shall be replaced by a financially proximate valid Condition.